So often I’m asked how I choose who to follow online. When we come across so many people calling themselves experts and when there’s so much content all around us, it becomes so hard to cut through the noise and find our people.

Filtering the massive amount of content out there and picking the right people are not easy tasks. In this article, I try to lay down my system.

I apply the same rules I follow when I meet people offline.

For me, it’s essential:

— to share the same values (not necessarily the same types of business or visions)
— to be down to earth
— to be respectful
— to be open-minded
— to be relaxed and funny (in other words, they don’t take themselves too seriously)

The X-figure Stamp

Then I take a look at what they do. If the first tagline or sentence starts with X-figure business (X being any number higher than six), I close the tab and never look back. I want to know what they do and not how their bank account is doing. Besides, most often the X figures are not the profit but rather the revenue, and no one mentions how much they’ve spent on Facebook ads. (Very often, it’s the same number of digits.) Yes, I know, money is a metric. It can be mentioned but not in the first 10 minutes of our relationship.

The Self Proclaimed Influencer

Another no-no is the term “influencer,” especially when they use it themselves. You become an authority in a field because of the value you put out there and not because you put that in the title or your work description.

The Pyramid Schemes Gurus

I must also add that you should stay away from the super successful ones who can’t talk about how they make a living on a public page, but they’ll be happy to oblige only if you contact them privately. MLM alert!

Consistency is the Most Valuable Currency

The other thing I look at is consistency. It doesn’t necessarily mean posting once a day on Facebook, but it’s about the consistency of the message through online presence. Is the website professional and easy to navigate? Do these experts reflect what they believe in, people they support and the audience they serve? Then I’m interested!

Happy People, Successful Businesses

Another aspect to consider is how entertaining and positive they are, just like deciding if you want to hang out with someone you’ve just met in real life. Do you want people who are complicated, talk a lot about nothing, complain or put other people down? No, you don’t! Imagine your feed being spammed by long texts, rants, whining about the hardships of life and so on. Always choose the ones who can make you laugh, inspire and motivate you to take a particular action.

Never Stop Learning!

And above all, choose the people you can learn something from! In other words, choose people who are smarter than you in areas where you need improvement.

To summarize my system, this is what convinces me to follow certain people:

— They have to provide valuable and educational content.
— They have to be a fresh breeze in my feed. Bonus points if they make me laugh!
— They should mainly focus on how they impact lives and less on how much money they count at the end of a fiscal year.

How are you choosing your online celebrities?

Hi! I’m Andreia, I help entrepreneurs to launch their business online. I do that by building well-designed websites and content strategies. Get in touch today and let’s start and grow your online presence.

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