This is not another travel blog. This is not another business blog, either.

What is it then?

It’s a collection of articles on topics like shifting mindsets, serving before selling, transitions and changes. It’s meant to spark conversations and to inspire.

You’ll also get valuable tips for living on a tropical island, as I know a thing or two about the island life.


You’re lucky that you’re reading this now because otherwise, you’d hear me screaming! This collection of articles I’m starting up now is something so out of my comfort zone! You can’t imagine!

(Learning to ride a scooter or writing a blog? – the same sensation!)

The conversation in my head usually goes something like this:

But why would you start writing, Andreia? Who would read your articles?

Oh, but I collect many experiences. My life is so rich in events and activities, and I wish I could share them with others.

Come on, Andreia. English is not even your first language. Blogs are at every corner. Do you really want to do this?

And then I walked away and sat down in front of my laptop and started typing. I don’t know what the voices were rambling more about. I walked away.

And here I am. Welcome to my blog.

What’s in it for you, you ask?

Here’s what you’ll read about:

  • Some insights of island and northern life
  • Strategies, tips and tricks for creative businesses
  • How it feels to start a business all by myself and why you shouldn’t do it alone
  • How transitions and changes are like
  • How to live in a suitcase
  • How to nurture your creativity and curiosity
  • A bit of inspiration to changing patterns and habits
  • Life on Tenerife (Spain) and Bali (Indonesia)

For someone who was constantly saying to herself that she isn’t a writer, an entrepreneur, or a storyteller, showing up here now is huge.

But then I was thinking, I have a story to tell, and that makes me a storyteller.

I choose writing over video or photography, even though I don’t have a degree in literature.

And I started a business because I can. Just watch me.

Why I do the work I do and help people achieve their dreams?

Throughout my life, in one way or another, these are the only things I knew best: to create, to support and to organize. I love structure and planning. I love creating opportunities and choices, so becoming a digital strategist and helping creatives to launch their dreams online came so naturally to me.

I can go on and talk about all the things I can do with WordPress or how I can help you with content strategy, but my work is so much more than this.

In the early days of my work, I’ve got an email from a client that changed forever how I feel about my work. It goes something like this:

“Andreia, you are able to understand more [about our project] than I could ever describe in words!”

I carry these words with me since then. You’ll find many web specialists, social media gurus and ninjas, and influencers out there. But know this: the primary skill that makes the difference is the art of listening.

Before you launch a business, the focus should be on aligning the work with the core values and defining a superpower.

If you’re on a fence when it comes to shifting things or you want to tell the world about your new venture, let’s get in touch, and tell me all about it!

Now I’m curious — what’s your superpower?

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