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Creating content is not an overwhelming task

I have some questions about how this works, Andreia!

Good, because I have some answers for you. And if you don’t find them all here, send me a message!

How do we get started?

The first step is to reach out and send me details about your business and your needs. Based on that description (and maybe a few more questions), you’ll get a quote, a starting date and we get going!

Do I really need a website?

Yes. But you probably want to read more than a 3-letter word. Whether your business is online or offline, you’re selling services or products, there has to be a place which you own and where your clients find everything they need. You can be present on many platforms, but as long as you don’t own them, you can not have the full control over the communication with your audience. As a rule to remember, every “road” should lead to your website. Fun facts: there are over 1 billion webpages online, 27,5% are powered by WordPress.

What is Dream-Plan-Launch Mastermind?

It’s the place to be if you want to build a life and business you love. It’s a community of like-minded people on the journey to live a life on their terms. Learn more and join us here.

Do you offer packages?

Good question! Everything is customized based on your needs. There’s no fixed rate around here as there aren’t two clients with exactly same needs. The price is determined on a case by case basis. If there’s more than one service that you’d like, then, of course, we can bundle them into a package deal.

How can you make my life better?

Around here, we first build strategies then websites and content for social media. I am in business to kill overwhelm and confusion. You don’t need to lose any more time and money on solutions which are not even working. We are going to build a digital presence that you can be proud of. Your side-hustles and hobbies can become your income source and your daily activity. You can start living the life you desire and do the work that matters to you. Isn’t this how we make the whole world better?

Words From My Clients

Andreia built my website from scratch in a matter of days. She was utterly professional, patient, always keeping me in the loop and guiding me through all the steps. The result is a very good website for my buddying interior design business. I highly recommend Andreia, she is passionate and that shows in the quality of her work.

Bianca Opris

Interior Designer, OprisB Designs

It’s been awesome working with Andreia. She has helped me with my website optimization and is full of ideas on how to move my business forward. It feels great having a direction that makes sense. Thanks!

Kresta Glaser

Health Coach

Andreia made over the website of our dance school, and we are very satisfied with the final result, and with the working process. Nonetheless, Andreia has been super professional in the way she delivered, but she also coached us to make sure our website would represent the spirit of our school and would be adapted to our planned development. We already plan our next project with her.

Elodie Labonne

Dance Teacher, World Dance Company

Andreia helped us build our new company website in a moment where this was important, but we were way too busy to also take care of that. We provided the content and she did the magic. I really appreciated the smooth communication, the fast feedback and fast returns and that once we communicated what we want, she has been on the same page throughout the whole project. We felt she somehow owned as well the project, suggesting ideas that we adopted immediately and challenging us to get to the result we see now. I appreciated that at the end of the project she handed us over a tutorial on how to take ownership of the site for future changes. It’s really comprehensive even if you’re not a developer. A huge plus for the future.

As an overall, I am very happy on how our collaboration took place and felt we got more than paid for. It was quick, the quality of the service was better than I could have hoped for in such a short time frame that we had (2-3 weeks) and I’m sure we’ll collaborate again as our company is taking off. Thank you, Andreia!
Cristi Schiopu

Coach, Ascendo Consulting

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