To be honest, I wish I didn’t need to write this article. It’s like writing an article about the importance of brushing teeth or sleeping or drinking water. It’s 2019, so having a website is kind of an obvious thing to do.

But I meet a few indecisive people, and I find myself repeating these arguments all over again. As you know me, I like automation, so it will be easier to just send this article from now on.

So anyway, hello, my friend! I’m glad you’re here.

Why you need a website even before you’re ready? Actually, way before you start your business?

Your website is your best business buddy! Done correctly, it will work for you when you sleep, and you can focus your attention only on driving traffic to it.

Reason #1

It’s the only digital real estate that you own and have 100 percent control over. You can call it an online home base, your window store, your business card. You can call it how you want, but know that’s the first and most important asset when you start a business.

It’s also the only time in the early days of your business when you should not go cheap. Invest in a good hosting*, in a reliable platform and outsource the whole development if building websites is not your cup of tea.

Of course, we need social media and in general, an online presence, but if one day Facebook decides to close down, you’ll lose everything — your followers, your audience, all your efforts. Social media is just a bridge, a tool to lead the people to your “home.”

You can start a business without a logo, without a brand color and even without a Twitter account, but you can’t say you have a company without a website. And this leads me to reason number 2.

Reason #2

Building a website means creating your marketing plan. Forget about the long, fluffy, traditional business plans. You don’t need more than an A4 paper to plan your business and your marketing.

By building a website, creating the content, curating the media, getting crystal clear on the actions people will have to take on your page, you have essentially planned your business.

And if you wonder how is that possible, just get this workbook. You’ll answer 10 questions to get crystal clear on your messaging, your services and most importantly, why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Reason #3

If it’s done correctly, you can automate tasks like onboarding, schedule calls, sales, bookings and so on. A website is not only a place where people read about how awesome you are. That’s important too, but it’s more important to make your website about them!

Your site offers the great opportunity to educate your future customers — not only on what they need to do to work with you, but also shedding light on problems they might not even know they have!

As I said, use the platform to onboard your clients. You can have questionnaires and forms that can be automated so that you don’t need to answer one by one. Not to mention the fact that you can collect emails, take bookings and even make sales. All of these can happen while you sleep, get a massage or spend time with your baby.

What are you waiting for? 😉

With a quick browse on the internet, you’ll find a gazillion other blog posts and articles about this topic. It’s an important topic! Many articles might not even mention my reason explained above. But you just have to trust me on this and go with me.

If there is one take away from these 600+ words I’ve laid down for you, it’s this: invest in your website in the early stages, and your future self will thank you for this!

Need help to clarify your website message? Get your workbook here.

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