Hi there, young entrepreneur!

This one is written primarily for you.

When we take the leap and decide to launch our dreams, we often have to face two things:

1. We don’t have much time


2. We have a tight budget.

Both situations feel overwhelming and put pressure on us.

Now I’m trying to shed some light and hopefully bring some clarity when we need to decide what’s important or not and where should we focus our time and our money.

I’ll start with the money.

Again, start small, but not cheap!

Build your online footprint before the launch

Where do people look for solutions or your offer? How do you make people feel assured that you mean business and not just a hobby? Your business card just doesn’t cut it. Most likely they’ll check out a website or some sort of online presence on social media.

Prioritize your digital presence because that’s where everyone is looking. Make sure you have a good website, a reliable hosting and tools to make your life easier in the long term. And I stress the long in long term.

Attend local events

Are one-on-one meetings or local networking events important? Then go to that conference, pay the membership and go to those networking lunches instead of eating a sandwich alone in front of your laptop.

Build a beautiful brand

If your business relies on beautiful images, then find good photographers and designers to help you craft the best branding for yourself and your business.

Be visible on the right street

If you are a brick-and-mortar business (a yoga or dance studio, for example) and the location is essential, rent a smaller place on the most popular street than a massive warehouse in the suburbs where no one finds you.

Get fancy later

If you are starting an online shop, you can easily handle the payments manually and scale in a few months’ time to a fancy and expensive automated payment system.

And I can go on like this for every type of business, but you get the picture. Put your money into what can generate leads or prospects. The fax machine, the best accountant in town and the branded pens can wait a little.

Most of the projects I take on are fresh new businesses, helping them launching online is the kind of work I mainly do. However, sometimes I accept to go in and clean up the mess others have left behind. Often this happens when the business grows and gets more exposure, so the online presence needs to be aligned and consistent. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fix a cheap and chaotic website. Instead of just changing the copy, adding a new page or a section, we have to start from scratch. It takes time and guess what? It takes a lot more money.

This is what I’m trying to say:

— There’s no business without investment. How much are you willing to put in is directly linked to the size of your dreams, how serious your intentions are and your financial situation. Yes, in precisely that order.

Work smart, not cheap! I promise you that it will pay off down the road. Always think about the long run — never from one week to another.

What was your first investment in your business?

Hi! I’m Andreia, I help entrepreneurs to launch their business online. I do that by building well-designed websites and content strategies. Get in touch today and let’s start and grow your online presence.

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