It’s not a secret that I gain my energy and inspiration from the sun, from where the palm trees live, and where the sun is shining bright!

Even the brand identity of my business is correlated with tropical landscapes, colors and shapes. I’m a solar person — open and loud. I guess I just can’t stand hats and winter jackets anymore.

It’s not a secret either that my second home is a little island in the Atlantic Ocean called Tenerife. It’s a tiny piece of volcanic land where I left my heart forever. On a one-way ticket, I arrived on the island with the mission of hitting the refresh button. So maybe that played a significant role in falling in love with this island. Or it is just too gorgeous to walk away without bouncing back.

Enjoying the beauty of Tenerife.

I needed a place to recover after I hit the “escape” button.

(Yeah, I hit many buttons, which I’ll talk about in future articles. I opened up my soul about my escape in a featured article here.)

I was living in London at that time, and that’s not a place to refresh your entire life. But Tenerife wasn’t the first choice.

Back then in 2016, the first option was Bali, another small volcanic island in Indonesia. Out of purely logistical reasons and gut feeling, Bali was postponed. It turned out to be an excellent decision!

Bali is beautiful, and it offers so much, but it’s not a walk in the park, literally and metaphorically! There are very few places where you can walk along the roads. People depend on scooters and other vehicles to move around. And then there’s the heat, the humidity. That’s not for the weak, either!

Apart from these daily struggles, back then I wouldn’t enjoy the community in the way I do it now. Bali is full of people from all over the world, all walks of life and all backgrounds. At every corner, there’s a café jam-packed with travelers and location-independent professionals. It takes time and energy to fully enjoy all the benefits of a community like this.

(More about life on Bali and the people I meet in a future post!)

What do the islands have to do with business?

Well, they do.

Sometimes it’s better to start with a practical solution and scale later when you’re ready.

When working with my clients, I often tell them the same. For example, why choose an expensive, fancy email management system when we can use an easy and quick solution to get started? When you’re just starting to build your email list, handling a few dozens of emails, even hundreds, can be quickly done by a simple and free tool.

Sure, there are many metrics and figures to guide us through business making, but intuition plays a very significant role too. And I dare to say that, in both life and business, your gut feeling is one of the most important compasses you’ve got.

Have you ever taken a business decision based on your gut feeling?

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