Is there such a thing?

We all agree that you should be honest and authentic on social media while sharing your message with your audience.

But then you browse through Facebook or Instagram, and people start to pour their heart out, writing about the most intense events, and in my opinion, many of these sensitive topics would go much better in a therapy session than on Instagram.

That’s why I call it social media therapy.

If you’re a person willing to put content out there and connect with your audience, there are so many ways in which you can be authentic without making your audience feel anxious reading your stories.

Then there are other categories: The ones who wake up so fresh as they’ve just come out from the spa. (I’m not a morning person, so I’m jealous!) The ones who eat the perfect lunch, next to their sexy boyfriend or girlfriend. The ones with flawless makeup and the ones with the cutest babies ever! PERFECTION every damn day! Wouldn’t be so refreshing for us to know that it sometimes rains too on these people’s streets?

Listen, it’s OK to shed light over a problem, an issue, a struggle you have, but don’t leave your audience in agony. Bring a plan, a strategy, bring hope, and whatever you’re doing, be a fresh breeze in your followers’ feeds.

I also encourage everyone to show up, bringing new experiences and sharing the day-to-day joys, but we would all appreciate less filter. Creating an illusion of perfection doesn’t serve anyone.

OK, we can say I’m a balance ambassador (wow, I’ve come up with so many titles today!), but I guess that all I’m trying to say is be honest and treat your audience with respect.

What inspired me to write this article?

I’m sitting now in a hipster cafe in Canggu (Bali, Indonesia). Next to me, there’s a set of chairs and tables very Instagram-famous. Sitting here, minding my own business, I’m seeing so many people coming in, sitting in those chairs, take a photo shoot, and then leave. Leave like their only purpose for today is to sit in those chairs and take pictures!

Instagram-famous furniture

Call me a romantic, but I still have hope and I work fiercely to see more of valuable content out there on social media. We can use these platforms as a force for good and I can show you how.

Now tell me, what kind of content are you choosing to put out there?

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