There’s so much power in visualizing your dreams.

It’s not enough to dream them, not even if you say them out loud to your sweetheart. Drawing them is how you make it happen!

Trust me, there’s no woo-woo stuff in it. It’s just science.

Studies have shown that the brain doesn’t differentiate between real memory and an imagined one. How cool is that?

Shifting from a nine-to-five mindset to starting something on my own that was different than what I thought I was good at did not happen overnight. I got help, a community to support me and mentors to lead me through the transition.

There were many Excel sheets, calculations, idea generation and chunking down actions to the smallest details. Then there were heavy discussions, tears and a major mindset declutter to give up old beliefs, negative thoughts, social pressure and all that juicy stuff that we collect. Heavy stuff, I tell you. It’s probably one of the most intense periods of my life.

Deep in the process, we got an exercise. We had to draw a perfect day in the future. We got an A3 paper and many pens in different colors.

You won’t see my drawing now. You might see it framed on a wall in my home office someday. (Just kidding! Maybe not!)

For now, I’m describing it to you.

I drew a mountain and trees. I drew a body of water with waves. It could be an ocean. I drew a road leading to a building that could be an event hall or a restaurant or a café. I wanted to keep my options open. Then, in a corner, I put my boyfriend and a small car next to him. Having a car was his wish, not mine, but I put even that in my vision.

And then it was me in the middle of the drawing. I was sitting in a well-lit room, at my desk, working. Of course, with a view over both the mountain and the sea. I was wearing a red dress, and obviously, I didn’t forget the coffee — my fuel!

A random morning at my desk in Bali, February 2019.

I cry real tears when I take the drawing out and look at it. Not because it will bring me a million bucks if I sell it, but because at the time I drew it, I was so broken and lost. I could not even dream the life I have now. I only knew that a perfect day in my life will look like this.

Fast forward two and a half years since I did the drawing — living on volcanic islands surrounded by beautiful oceans is now my reality. (At least for half of the year when back home in Sweden, the temperature goes below 10 degrees.)

There’s nothing magical or paranormal in this. Once I envisioned the perfect day, my brain, my actions and every small decision were geared toward getting there.

I’m not a coach or any guru holding the secrets to a happy life, but I do have a request for you. The next time you sit and dream, plan and set goals, first, draw where you want to go, then draw how you are going to get there. Thank you!

Tell me, have you ever used visualization before?

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