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We build consistency and a framework to help you reach your goals.

What’s in it for me?

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join:


Get your questions answered quickly.
We focus on your needs and we meet you where you are on your journey.


Get almost-daily access directly to me.
Weekly threads for ongoing support.


Strategy Calls
Feedback Sessions
Guest Experts Calls


Accountability system.
Weekly accountability messages to keep you on track.

All of these features bring progress.

Using all the features and engaging in the group, we’ll take you from the place you are today to your next phase, a place of growth and clarity.

Hello! You are here for a reason

(I don’t think you landed on this page by accident.)

You might be here because…


you feel alone and overwhelmed


you often ask yourself if this is how it should feel


you set goals and somehow they never happen


you have no idea what's the next step or where should you put your focus on

But despite all these, you know that there’s more! You know you can’t give up!

I’m not a mind reader. I know this for sure because I just described who I used to be.

Join a community where you are:

heard + seen + supported.

Low Cost – Big Impact!

Why so cheap, you wonder? 

How can I get so much for the price of a few lattes? I read your mind, right?

Because I want to empower you, the solo-entrepreneur, the freelancer, the brave one starting from zero and changing careers. Part of my mission is to support creatives to build not only a business but a life they love!


Before I joined the group, my business was lacking proximity to my clients.  The mastermind gave me the courage to be vulnerable in front of the camera and be truly myself on videos. My goal was to make videos for my website and now they are published and I am happy.

My favorite thing was the support I got from the group, a safe environment in which we could share doubts and dare to be vulnerable. It was fun and professional at the same time, well structured and goal oriented. I felt in good hands and that we were all making progress together.

Andreia’s positive attitude and support gave me the confidence to move beyond my mind blockages. Good vibes helps to make things happen! 


PhD, Deborah Rupert Coaching

What I appreciate about Andreia’s way of working is that she’s pragmatic and an energy booster. I come to her with questions and possible doubts and I leave with a concrete plan and motivated to make it work.

When building my online presence I felt that I’m the author of what she put together and it was so easy to continue it from where she handed over to me. Andreia demonstrates empathy and experience, both highly appreciated in a mastermind.


Coach, Ascendo Consulting

I struggled with developing the right image and communication strategy for my business. Working together in the mastermind, I achieved to identify the core of my business identity.

My favorite thing was the diversity of skills and personalities in the group. It gave a lot of value to the rounds of feedback. To have the weekly meetings was also a good way to make things happen and provide a container for procrastination. 

Last but not least, Andreia is an amazing leader. She really knows how to animate and tight a group together. She is sharp, knows how to set clear boundaries, to cheer up, and kick some a** when needed. Her experience in business strategy goes beyond any price tag.


Teacher & Founder, Connect with Joy

The mastermind! Lots of moments when you feel out of your comfort zone, but hey, if you don’t challenge yourself, how can you grow? And the group provided amazing support in conquering those challenges!


Graphic Designer, Dmitri Markélov

The Dream-Plan-Launch Mastermind is for you if…


you're tired to figure things out all by yourself


you're ready to launch your business, but you find it all so overwhelming


you've started your business, but you feel lonely and crave for a community of ambitious entrepreneurs to cheer you on


you're ready to roll your sleeves up, learn and implement new strategies to move you forward


you want to build amazing friendships and have accountability buddies. No more procrastination!

Do you have questions?

How much is the member fee?

  • Euro 19/month


  • Euro 49/three months


Please note that these are the founding members fees.

The fee will increase with every launch in the near future; yours will be forever the same, if you join today.

Do I need to have a business to join?

Nooooo! If you only have a start of an idea, we are here to help you get it off the ground and get serious about it.

Will this be helpful for me?


We encourage you to use the features, the calls and the threads in the Mastermind to ask your specific questions. I promise only to provide answers and strategies that will work for YOU and for your business.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, just get in touch! The fee is only 189 Euro.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, although we don’t want to lose you.

Oh, hi! Nice meeting you!

Hi, in case we haven’t met, I’m Andreia Olaru, Digital Strategist at and founder of Dream-Plan-Launch Mastermind. I’ll always be by your side inside the Mastermind to bring clarity and help you launch your dreams. Pick my brain or ask your questions, I’m here to hold your hand on this journey.

I launched my business in 2017, with little clue of what I want and where I’m going. I remember so clearly the overwhelming feeling only by thinking about the long days and evenings when I was struggling to make sense of all the information I was taking in.

It was so hard to see what’s the next step and had no one to brainstorm ideas or get things out of my head.

So here I am, launching and creating something I wished I had in the beginning!

We are so overwhelmed by content and online noise, so I created an oasis where we get clarity and take action. This group is not another mastermind where you need to go through five online courses to make use of it. What we share inside the group is relevant for all entrepreneurs and all stages. Immerse yourself in everything that Dream-Plan-Launch has to offer and see where that gets you.

Less content + more actions = making progress.

The Dream-Plan-Launch Mastermind isn’t for you if…


you're looking for a magic bullet to solve all your problems. And fast! Everything sustainable takes time; we're here to support you.


you're looking for a crystal ball to tell you with certainty if a strategy will work or not. Action is the only thing that validates our ideas.


you lack any sense of patience and self-love. Kindness, in any form, is our currency.

“The key—if you want to build habits that last—is to join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.”

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

But don’t listen to me…

In the run-up to Christmas, I worked on a voucher concept with Andreia. It went like this:

I had an idea. I ran it by her. She guided me with smart, on-topic questions towards a clear concept. I made it happen. I got two clients as a direct result of that campaign.
Andreia challenges decisions in a constructive way, helping you to see the picture from a different perspective. She brings knowledge and expertise to the table while respecting and integrating your own expert knowledge in your field.

Founder, OprisB Design

The first month is free with any plan you choose!


Billed Monthly
  • → Weekly strategy calls
  • → Private members-only group
  • → Accountability system
  • → Weekly accountability messages

Read our Terms & Conditions for cancellation policy.

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