I made a habit of checking in with my clients after they are off on their entrepreneurial journeys. Most of them are often in touch with me to brainstorm strategies, ask for my feedback or hire my services beyond the website project.

Today I’m sitting down, virtually, with one of my favorite clients. Well, they are all my favorite because they are mine.

If any of the things we cover resonates with you, don’t waste another second and reach out! Enjoy!

Question: In a few words, tell us about you and your business.

Answer: Ascendo Consulting is a small coaching practice, we run 1 to 1 and group activities around education and well-being (at work, at home). We do online coaching as well as physical, in the Brussels area.

Q: What was the challenge you faced before starting working together on your website?

A: Overwhelmed by all the activities at the start of a business. “When do I have the time to set up a site also?” 

Also looking to get some first steps into marketing our website and activity. Just the website is not enough. Also, pretty overwhelmed about the number of articles on Facebook ads, etc – I wanted a direct approach, get my feet wet with guidance from a professional. 

Q: How was this challenge/problem affecting you and your business?

A: Stagnating. Not having a web presence can be penalizing future interactions and possible clients. 

People use the web a lot these days to “get to know” someone – company or person –  before they meet them. You need to be there.

Q: What other solutions did you consider before working together?

A: Doing it myself… Not my priority at that time. No time for that.


Q: Why did you choose my services?

A: I followed your evolution and presence in matters of web presence and marketing. I also knew from previous experience the commitment and passion you put on tasks. 

The first interaction definitely sealed the deal, your approach spoke to me directly. Sold!

Q: What benefits have you seen already after we launched your website?

A: I received compliments for the website from clients and prospects.

I myself was proud to say “I own this, this is my business front right here”. 

There was a huge benefit in time-saving – I know myself and I tend to accomplish 80% pretty fast and then spend an enormous amount of time on finishing up. What I received from you was finished. Whatever I changed afterward was “bells and whistles”, nothing that took a lot of time. It was very helpful that you chose a framework that allowed easy editing of the content and the guide on the “how to” was very useful – it still is.

Thank you!

Hi! I’m Andreia, I help entrepreneurs to launch their business online. I do that by building well-designed websites and content strategies. Get in touch today and let’s start and grow your online presence.

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