Let’s talk about business and the wisdom tooth.

Wait, what?!

Hang on, there’s a connection!

As small business owners and creatives, we often end up discussing how overwhelming running a company is. Well, my friend, if it were easy, everybody would be the boss. How would that look like?

In my business experience, I came to the conclusion that there are only two things that distinguish an entrepreneur from a non-entrepreneur:

1. The willingness to constantly learn: You have to be curious. You have to improve and learn new ways of making your life easier and your business better.

2. To be comfortable with the uncomfortable: You can’t please everyone, you can’t attract everyone, and from the early stages, you have to learn to say no. Establish boundaries.

The business people I hang out with are lifelong learners, just like me. None of them consider themselves the absolute truth holders despite their success. As you reach more goals, you set bigger ones for the future because there are always new things to try and learn. You have to keep up and continuously learn new strategies and technologies, especially in our digital era.

Yes, even when you become an expert or an authority in your field, your journey is not over!

Embracing the uncomfortable is the hardest part, and that’s why not many around us are entrepreneurs. For most of us, being out of our comfort zones doesn’t come naturally. We strive to be likable, be kind to everyone and be all-around people pleasers. I notice most people are like this!

As shocking as it might sound, I often tell my clients to be happy when people unsubscribe from their newsletter or unfollow their accounts. They are not our tribe, and they should not hang out with us.

When you’ve found your niche, your voice and your people, you want to serve them, and you want to talk to them. Good communication repels unwanted people, and as uncomfortable it may feel, this is how it should be!

But, you ask me, should business feel uncomfortable?

Yes and no. You should only do what brings you joy and makes you look forward to Monday mornings. No question about that.

But also keep in mind that growth doesn’t happen in the safe zone.

Self-awareness is crucial in business. You have to know when you need feedback and improvements (ask for help, learn the skill, outsource, etc.), and you have to identify all the things that make you cringe.

For me, it’s the money talk. Basically everything around money. So I asked for help, and I’m working every day on improving my money mindset.

Is it easy? Hell, no! It’s more painful than a wisdom tooth extraction because you go so deep in places you don’t want to go. You can even go all the way back to your summer camp in fifth grade.

But what’s in stake is more significant than the pain: if I improve my money mindset, I get to serve more people and support everyone better.

As scary as it is, go toward the uncomfortable, whether it’s a tough client call or a new investment in a course you need.

Where do you feel it hurts most when you’re thinking of your business?

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