Andreia Olaru

Digital Strategist

Helping you launch your dreams online.

My Story

Hi there, I’m Andreia Olaru, Digital Strategist, founder of the Dream-Plan-Launch mastermind and Climate Collage facilitator at

I launched my online business in 2017, after leaving my 9-5 job in the financial services with little clue of what I wanted and where I was going.

Fast forward a few years later, and in March 2020, I created the Dream-Plan-Launch mastermind. I put into its creation the answers to all the questions I wish I had the answer to back in 2017. In January 2021 I launched WeNeedYouToo helping companies and organizations across the world engage with climate science strategically through climate education workshops.

Me as a strategist and facilitator

For many years, I’ve been working with organizations, entrepreneurs, and creatives to build businesses of their dreams. I live and breathe digital strategy, and I’ve worked with tens of business owners to clarify and refine their message to amplify their online presence.

But I don’t just swoop in, deliver a strategy and leave again.

I’m your partner. I work side by side to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals.

It’s no different with the Climate Collage workshops. I’m not just a trainer or a workshop facilitator. I am your strategic partner in helping to get your teams and your colleagues on board with your environmental and sustainability awareness policies. I am a fully trained and experienced facilitator, and I will create a safe container for your esteemed colleagues to learn, to share, and to grow both as professionals, and as human beings.

Me as a Human

» I seek inspiration where the palm trees live. When I’m not on a tropical island, exploring volcanoes, beaches and drinking all the coconut water, you’ll find me home up north in Gothenburg, Sweden.

» I write a journal and meditate daily.

» I am a tango dancer.

» I am not a morning person, but once the coffee is kicking in, the world is safe.

» I keep things clean. I always say that my first team member was my robot vacuum cleaner (which gave me back a few hours per week!)

Words From My Clients

I enjoyed Andreia’s engaging energy and the positivity with which she delivered even such a difficult topic to digest as climate change. The workshop is informative and fun and super useful to open our mind’s eye and allow it to remain open and pensive about this topic.

climate workshop participant

February 2021

For me, Dream-Plan-Launch membership means support at any time when I need it. The main thing I get from the mastermind is the great feeling of being in a group where we find inspiration and solutions to our struggles. All of us evolve in different ways, but human things are common to all of us. Andreia’s support is a valuable tool that helps me feel more confident with my steps and decisions.

Mariana Palacios

Pianist & Filmmaker

Andreia was patient in explaining to us what to do, she was knowledgeable about the information on the cards and knew how to explain that simple and clear. She made the workshop seem fun and interactive, more than even the card games provided.

climate workshop participant

February 2021

Being part of Dream-Plan-Launch mastermind gives me perspectives on my circumstances to hear others’ situations. It inspires me to discuss everyone’s ideas and challenges. It’s great to have a safe space to ask all kinds of questions and get valuable peer feedback.

Elodie Labonne

Teacher & Founder, Connect with Joy

Three main things I get from the Dream-Plan-Launch mastermind:

1. The peer factor – I feel I belong to a group. When you are a solopreneur, this group is super valuable.
2. Relevant feedback, and I can bounce back on my ideas/initiatives/questions.
3. Interesting insights into how others run their business.

Bianca Opris

Designer & Founder, OprisB Design

Let’s work together!

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