My Favorite Business Tools

Hello and nice to see you here! If you found your way here is because you’ve probably wasted a lot of time on the wild internet looking for stuff to make your life easier. I get you! You need plenty of resources when you’re starting up a business. That’s why I put together a list of useful business tools so you can stop wasting time browsing the web and just pick up the one you need and "run with it."

The list below includes tools which almost any business need and I will constantly be updating it so check back in from time to time. I just want to mention that I am not an affiliate of any of the companies listed below. As a user, I only recommend the ones which satisfied my needs.


Probably one of the first steps, when you’re launching your biz, is to create a website! WordPress is, as you figured, my favorite Content Management System. How to get started with it you’ll find in an 8-Steps-Guide which I created especially for you. Get it HERE.


If you need to communicate and stay in touch with a team, Slack will be probably the best tool. It’s a cloud-based system offering instant messaging and file sharing and it helps to keep information categorized in channels and threads.


I don’t think PayPal needs too many introductions as it’s one of the largest internet payment companies. I like it because I can have everything in one place – make and collects payments, create invoices, all of these using various currencies.

Stock Images

One of the most overwhelming online searches is the one for images because there are so many websites out there. My favorite collection of high-resolution, FREE photos is Unsplash. The site is super easy to use and they constantly add new images. For patterns or color palettes inspiration I go to Creative Market, but this one is not free.

Image Editor

I am all about outsourcing – I preach, I teach, I advise, I am doing it. But can I tell you a secret? The stunning graphics you find on social media are not created by the most expensive designer on the market. No, Canva is making it possible! By far, one of my favorite tools ever.


Open Broadcaster Software (also known as OBS) is a free and open source streaming and recording program. I would lie to say it’s easy to manage but once you learn it, it’s probably the most robust and reliable software for this. It’s like WordPress, but for videos and screen sharing.

Email List Management

Email lists building is considered to be the most effective marketing method, so regardless of the type of business you run, at some point, you’ll need a place where you collect all your leads. Leads = email addresses. There are a few platforms, but I advise to start up with MailChimp (free when you’re starting up) and migrate to ConvertKit (not free) when the list is bigger – each and everyone decides on the right list size for migration.

Writing & Agreements

When you’re creating a lot of content daily and publish on different platforms, GoogleDrive and Dropbox are your best friends. Never create or write your content on the platform you’re publishing it, whether it’s Facebook, a website, a blog or an application. Save every piece of text, images, videos on a cloud so that you can access it from anywhere. Grammarly is a favorite for spell checking if English is your language of communication. For signing agreements and contracts, HelloSign is an excellent tool. They offer a free version or free trials for the paid plans.

Content Management

If you handle many social media accounts and batch the content publishing, a social media management platform may come in handy. Use Buffer for most of the platforms, Later for Instagram and Facebook publishing tool for the business pages. More about content planning and automation you can find HERE.

Time Tracking

Toggl is a simple online time tracker, perfect for you if you need to report time. It comes with an extension for the browser and a nice timesheet. If you want to skip the hassle of finding time in your calendar and book calls, Calendly is for you. You update your availability, share the link and get notified by email when you have a booking.


One of the first tools I recommend is LastPass, a password manager. When you’re running a business, you have so many accounts to keep track with. If you manage your client’s accounts too, things can get messy. Make your life easy and most importantly, safe! Trello is a task board. Perfect for you with many ideas but only two hands and 24 hours day. Keep track of all your tasks, ideas, milestones, teams, projects in one place. If you like whiteboards and post-its but you don’t have enough space for them, Trello is the digital version for this.


Any business, small or big, online or offline, will need to collect information from their audience, at some point. I will happily answer a survey which is dynamic, colorful, modern, mobile-friendly! Typeform is the tool which creates precisely that. It can also be incorporated as an interactive contact form on your website, for example.

My work exists in the service of creative businesses. I want you to be able to create more and reach more through your work. That’s why I am building this resourceful space.

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