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Who Are You Following Online?

So often I’m asked how I choose who to follow online. When we come across so many people calling themselves experts and when there's so much content all around us, it becomes so hard to cut through the noise and find our people.Filtering the massive amount of content...

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Digital Nomad Is Not a Job Title

This article might bring me some internet enemies, but it's something I want to put out there as a public statement.This article is inspired by the big question asked a thousand times daily on the internet: "How do I start a career as digital nomad?" as if...

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Less Labeling, More Action

It's not a secret that I haven't been doing what I am doing today from the beginning. Some people might call it a career change. I call it a life change. It wasn't about updating a LinkedIn profile; it was about shifting the whole system — beliefs, values, priorities,...

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Website Now

To be honest, I wish I didn't need to write this article. It's like writing an article about the importance of brushing teeth or sleeping or drinking water. It's 2019, so having a website is kind of an obvious thing to do.But I meet a few indecisive people, and I find...

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Be Patient or Outsource

There has never been a better time in the history of our planet to start a business — any kind of business! We're so connected, we can reach our clients so easily, and most importantly, we have access to so much education, whether it's traditional or...

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Start Simple, Scale Later

It's not a secret that I gain my energy and inspiration from the sun, from where the palm trees live, and where the sun is shining bright! Even the brand identity of my business is correlated with tropical landscapes, colors and shapes. I'm a solar person...

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