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Dreams Online

Website Creation

Get a website that gets noticed and start promoting your products and services with confidence.

Content Creation

Start telling your story and build relationships with your audience.

Your time is precious

WordPress is great, but overwhelming sometimes. Being constantly inspired to write for your social media is hard work. No more wasted evenings and weekends trying to figure all out alone – “What website should I get? What do I even tell people about my work?”

Money is important

No more losing money on resources and software which are not getting the job done. No premium account get the work done properly if we don’t get our strategies right.

Turn your passion into work

Stop seeing your passions as hobbies. You can now start doing work that matters to you and authentically reaches your audience.

Lead a lifestyle you desire

We will eliminate confusion and anxiety. It’s time to live a life on your terms, to get more time for your family, travels or whatever sparks joy in a typical day.

Let’s work together!

Creating consistency for your brand is hard work. But we can team up and make it all easy. You can get a website and a content strategy for your business in these three easy steps.


Step 1

Send a message with a detailed description of your business and your needs.


Step 2

I will then send back to you a customized plan and a quote.


Step 3

We set a date, and get ready to see how your business kicks off.

Want a preview of how this process works?

Checklists To Launch is your workbook for launching your online presence. Follow the steps inside, put in the work and you’ll have a solid digital launch for your business! Inside you’ll find:

1. a checklist to launch a website

2. a checklist for an email list generation strategy

3. a checklist to create and optimize a Facebook page


“Andreia helped us build our new company website (www.ascendo.be) in a moment where this was important, but we were way too busy to also take care of that. We provided the content and she did the magic. >> I really appreciated the smooth communication, the fast feedback, and fast returns and that once we communicated what we want, she has been on the same page throughout the whole project. >> We felt she somehow owned as well the project, suggesting ideas that we adopted immediately and challenging us to get to the result we see now. >> I appreciated that at the end of the project she handed us over a tutorial on how to take ownership of the site for future changes. It’s really comprehensive even if you’re not a developer. A huge plus for the future. As an overall, I am very happy with how our collaboration took place and felt we got more than paid for. It was quick, the quality of the service was better than I could have hoped for in such a short time frame that we had (2-3 weeks) and I’m sure we’ll collaborate again as our company is taking off. Thank you, Andreia!”

Cristi Schiopu

Coach, Ascendo Consulting

About Me

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed by all the noise you find online, if all you want is to do the work you’re passionate about and connect with your fans, then let me take over the tech and the digital strategy. I feel you, I’ve been in your situation, I couldn’t even imagine how it is to do the work I love every single day. So here I am, ready to launch your dreams online and help you turn your fans into customers.